Jay Larsen

Chain Attack’s founding host. Jay regularly enjoys stomping new players to the game of WARMACHINE or Hordes. He figures if they come back they are going to be great members of the community. Jay plays currently plays Trolls, Cygnar, Retribution, and Convergence but has played Cryx, Legion, Circle,  Mercs, and Menoth in the past. Jay introduced Trevor to the game in MK1 with Pop and Drop Kreoss (yes, that’s the kind of guy he is).

Trevor Christensen

Chain Attack co-host. Trevor enjoys ranting about whatever is currently bothering him especially if it’s a ridiculous rules question. He spends hours on-end reading the official Privateer Press rules forum. Trevor plays Legion of Everblight, Khador, and Skorne, and has played Trolls, Searforge, Thornfall Alliance, and Retribution in the past.

Josh Wheeler

Chain Attack co-host. Josh loves acronyms and dad jokes, and especially likes when the two cross paths. He runs the local board gaming convention and his first true love is board games. Josh plays Circle Orboros, Menoth, Skorne, and Minions but loves Minions the most.


Scott Wray

Ex-Chain Attack co-host. Scott enjoys a good card building game (current favorite is Eminent Domain) and harassing Trevor. Scott played Cryx and got back into the game in MK2 with Blindwater Congregation. Scott used to play Skorne in MK1 but got pretty sandy about the changes they made to eMorghoul in MK2. Scott works part time at Jäger Financial giving out investment advice, if you can get him to answer the door.