Ratings Explained

During some of our episodes we will grade something geeky using these categories:

This category represents the overall design elements of the geeky thing. Was it done well? Poorly?

Time Management
This category represents the overall time investment. Does it overstay its welcome? Does it use your time well?

This category represents the likelihood that you will use or do the activity more than once. Do you want to read it again? Are you just dying to play it with your other group of friends?

This category represents how fun it is to consume. It may take forever, have a bad design, but you still have a blast playing it!

This is a composite grade of how good the product is overall. Is it outstanding in its category or just an average item?

This category explores who is the target audience and who might be interested in it. Who would like it the most?

Go or No Go
Each host will give their “Go” or “No Go” on the item or product to give the listener a feel for who loves it and who doesn’t.