Donate or Paint

One of Chain Attacks good friends, a local player, a Press Ganger and a guest host on the show is in need. Marc Harrison has been experiencing rapidly declining health for the last 3 years. Marc has been a guest on the show starting on episode 5, but also joined us on episodes 88, 93, and 121. He has also been filmed on our and Youtube video battle reports.


Marc has been diagnosed with Bio Toxin Illness by some doctors but also exhibits many symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and has been diagnosed with that from other doctors. Marc has had a difficult time dealing with an ever increasing list of issues and declining health with virtually no solid answers. Because of his health issues Marc has had to sell most of his possessions as well as lose much of his independence. His medical bills continue to stack up and he is rapidly running out of the ability to pay.

Some of Marc's Work

One of Marc’s favorite activities, painting, is something he can no longer even participate in because of his symptoms. We want to help Marc out and help him still be involved in the aspect of the hobby he loves most.

We have initiated the Donate or Paint challenge. This is a social media challenge much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We ask that you take the challenge by either donating to Marc, Painting one of your own models, or hopefully doing both, record a video of your donation or your painting (so that Marc can see all the cool painted models!) and challenge 3 of your friends to do the same.

Painted model donations to Marc will absolutely not be turned away, but what he really needs is monetary support (donations) and moral support (people painting in his honor). Donations to Marc can be made through the Paypal account [email protected].