2017 Meta Update Series

We have recorded 14 episodes of a podcast series discussing the state of the 2017 Meta. These episodes are approximately 30 minutes long. The 14 episodes sell for a total cost of $20 and can be purchased in compilation here: http://www.chain-attack.tv/downloads/2017-meta-update-all-episodes-single-download/

We have asked faction leaders to answer the following questions:
-What’s the best list in your faction?
-Which of your factions casters is the most overrated?
-Which of your factions casters is the most underrated?
-If you had to rank your faction from 1-12 vs. the other factions where would you rank it?

Episode 1 – Cygnar: Jarle Svendsrud
Episode 2 – Protectorate of Menoth: Mike Puryear
Episode 3 – Khador: Christopher Davies
Episode 4 – Cryx: Tim Banky
Episode 5 – Retribution of Scyrah: Michael Ireland
Episode 6 – Convergence of Cyriss: Jason Watt
Episode 7 – Mercenaries: Rob Shepherd
Episode 8 – Trollbloods: Chris Dancocks
Episode 9 – Circle Orboros: Tom Guan
Episode 10 – Legion of Everblight: Jake VanMeter
Episode 11 – Skorne: Johan Dyrlind
Episode 12 – Minions: Colin Hill
Episode 13 – Grymkin: Will Pagani

Hosts: Trevor Christensen, Jay Larsen, and Josh Wheeler

Alternatively the individual episodes can be purchased here: http://www.chain-attack.tv/downloads/category/2017metaupdate/

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