Dojo Subscriber JRS Spring Bargain

Our Jolly Roger Studio ( Spring Bargain starts today! All Dojo Subscribers get a 5% discount on commission painting and for the next three months a free UA painted for free with the commission of any unit!

Terms & Conditions

Participants: anyone who has an active Premium subscription to the Chain Attack Dojo ( premium podcast. You’ll need to have active Premium subscription when placing an order, if your Premium subscription expires during the realization of your order, all benefits still count.

Benefits: 5% discount on all services in Jolly Roger Studio (, free worldwide shipping and Seasonal Bargains.

Seasonal Bargain: additional promotion, changed every three months during a year.

Year will be split into four different seasons for each season you’ll get access to different promotion. Division of year would look like this:

  • Spring Bargain – March 1st to May 31st ( 01.03 to 31.05 )
  • Summer Bargain – June 1st to August 31st ( 1.06 to 31.08 )
  • Autumn Bargain – September 1st to November 30th ( 1.09 to 30.11 )
  • Winter Bargain – December 1st to February 28th  ( 01.12 to 28.02 )

Realization of orders: commission will be realized according to Terms and Conditions of Jolly Roger Studio ( If you make and order you’ll become customer of Jolly Roger Studio and all issues and concerns about commission work should be addressed there.

Changes To These Terms & Conditions: Jolly Roger Studio reserves the right to make changes to these Terms & Conditions at any time.

Spring Promotion - Free Unit Attachment with commission of an accompanying unit!

Spring Promotion – Free Unit Attachment with commission of an accompanying unit!

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