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Episode 189 – What To Expect: Legion

January 29, 2015

We continue our Developing Player Series where each month we cover a faction and talk about what to expect when playing against that faction. We talk about common builds you will see, common “Gotchas”, and target prioritization against those lists. This month we discuss Legion. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott

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Dojo – Episode 88: Destruction and Two Fronts

January 25, 2015

Progression Dojo: We start a new series on the Steamroller 2015 packet. During episodes in the series we will discuss several scenarios in the packet. We explore whether or not a player should go first, how live the scenario is and what the best ways to win by scenario are. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott […]

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Episode 188 – Steamroller 2015 Discussion

January 22, 2015

We breakdown the Steamroller 2015 packet and scenarios including the changes and subtle differences between it and last years SR2014. We talk about the changes to Masters and the addition of Active Duty Roster. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott.

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Dojo – Episode 87: List Building

January 19, 2015

This episode is a free complimentary episode available to everyone. List Dojo: We discuss how to approach list building, how you should ask for feedback on your list, and how to evaluate your list to improve it. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This episode is free but additional episodes of Chain Attack Dojo are only […]

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Episode 187 – European Invitational and Character Restrictions

January 15, 2015

We take a break from our regular schedule to interview Norbert Brunhuber about the European Warmachine Invitational, then we take some time to talk about character restrictions and their impact on Steamroller. For more information about the European Invitational go here: Hosts: Trevor, Jay, Scott and Norbert Brunhuber

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Dojo – Episode 86: Lists Contrary to Faction Strengths

January 11, 2015

Open Dojo: This week we discuss lists and play styles which are normally considered contrary to a factions generally accepted strengths, we talk about what casters in each faction do that the best, and if its advantageous for that faction to play with those types of lists. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This podcast is […]

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Episode 186 – Krueger vs. Helga

January 8, 2015

We match the Krueger the Stormwrath (Circle) vs. Helga the Conqueror (Minions). We discuss list creation, tactics, and we rank both casters. Top 5 this week comes from Stephen Wilkes, the top 5 ‘caster themes according to Queen. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott Images of the battle, lists used, and discussion of the episode can be found […]

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Dojo – Episode 85: Rich Mahogany

January 5, 2015

Fan Dojo: This week as we answer your questions about how long it takes to become “fluent” with a faction, when you should invite an assassination, and  how to deal with an opponent with a poor attitude. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This podcast is a premium episode of Chain Attack Dojo and is only […]

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Episode 185 – Part 2 of 2: Intermediate Player Series – Winning Your First Tournament

January 1, 2015

We continue our two part series for players who have learned the game and are ready to progress to the next stage. This episode we cover some of of the basic skills a newer tournament player needs to learn to progress and eventually win their first local tournament. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott

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