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Dojo – Episode 67: List Pairing Spotlight Cryx

August 31, 2014

List Dojo: Continuing our list dojo series where we take a player and analyze his list pairings for matchups, build, and purposes. Our next player analysis focuses Anthony Ferraiolo and his Cryx lists from Captain Con. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This podcast is a premium episode of Chain Attack Dojo and is only available […]

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Episode 167 – eAbsylonia vs. Ossrum

August 28, 2014

We match Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight (Legion) vs. General Ossrum (Mercenaries). We discuss list creation, tactics, and we rank both casters. Jay and Scott attempt to abandon the top 5. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott Images of the battle, lists used, and discussion of the episode can be found here:

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Dojo – Episode 66: Non-Character Heavies Retribution & Convergence

August 24, 2014

Open Dojo: This week we continue our discussion of all of the non-character heavy Warjacks and Warbeasts by covering Retribution of Scyrah and Convergence of Cyriss. We place each heavy in three categories: Good, Situationally Brilliant, and Bad. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This podcast is a premium episode of Chain Attack Dojo and is […]

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Chain Attack Dojo teams up with Jolly Roger Studio!

August 22, 2014

Chain Attack is pleased to announce added value to our Premium Dojo subscriptions. We have teamed up with Jolly Roger Studio ( to give you a 5% discount on commission painting and bonus promotions that change throughout the year! Terms & Conditions Participants: anyone who has an active Premium subscription to the Chain Attack Dojo […]

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Episode 166 – Gencon 2014

August 21, 2014

No matchup this week, instead we discuss GenCon 2014. We talk about our games and the weekend as a whole. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott

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Dojo – Episode 65: Fixing Models and Situational Pieces

August 17, 2014

Fan Dojo: This week as we answer your questions we talk about how and when to use situational models, what if anything Privateer Press can do to fix bad models, as well as the future of the game and the progression of all the factions. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This podcast is a premium […]

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Episode 165 – What To Expect: Trollbloods

August 17, 2014

We continue our Developing Player Series where each month we cover a faction and talk about what to expect when playing against that faction. We talk about common builds you will see, common “Gotchas”, and target prioritization against those lists. This month we discuss Trolls. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, and Scott

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Help Us Get To The WTC!

August 11, 2014

We want to go to the Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championship’s. We want to record a game every round. We want to present scores, analysis, commentary, and player interviews for everyone to see. We want Warmachine to receive the type of coverage that other sports and e-sports do. We want to present this to the world, […]

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Dojo – Episode 64: Recursion

August 11, 2014

Progression Dojo: This week we talk about recursion. We discuss why its so powerful, how to use it to your advantage, and how to fight against it. We discuss the need for competitive players to understand it. Hosts: Jay, Trevor, and Scott This podcast is a premium episode of Chain Attack Dojo and is only […]

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Episode 164 – Grudge Match #7 eAsphyxious vs. Hoarluk

August 7, 2014

Another Chain Attack Grudge Match! Instead of grading the casters we grade the players. We match Aaron (eAsphyxious – Cryx) vs. Jay (Doomshaper – Trollbloods) in a Masters SR2014 50 pt. game. We discuss list creation, tactics, and we rank both players. Hosts: Trevor, Jay, Scott and Aaron Wale The video of the battle we […]

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